When formulating its recommendations for the Trustees, the Research Committee particularly favours activities that seem likely to lead to improved systems of managing land, water, plants and animals in ways which will enhance the productivity and quality of food, fisheries, plants and forests, while simultaneously conserving the natural environment, preserving biodiversity, avoiding pollution of soils and water, and enhancing human welfare. In assessing applications for new projects, scientific merit is of paramount importance.

As at June, 2018, the Australia & Pacific Science Foundation had funded 102 completed projects with grants totalling $3,027,920

Between November 1999 & May 2008, the Pacific Biological Foundation, an associate of the APSF, funded 21 completed projects with grants totalling $551,661.

26 current projects are presently being funded by the Australia & Pacific Science Foundation with grants totalling $1,030,005

Nudibranchs (marine shell-less molluscs) store secondary metabolites from dietary sources for their own chemical defences, and also exhibit a variety of colour patterns, ranging from those that are highly camouflaged against their background to those that display highly conspicuous colour patterns. Read more about this project funded by the APSF.